Chad + Christiana // Married


Have you ever met a couple that is so young and yet so old at the same time? This is Chad and Christiana. Their souls are filled with wisdom and maturity and their words are thoughtful and intentional. They have learned to not only read and react to their own issues and desires, but also how to observe and tend to each other's needs. Yet Chronologically, they are so young. 

I have had the privilege to grow up with chad, not that I had a choice. He is my brother... My little brother. He is the one that would play dress up with me (of course he was always the cowboy) and the one I would bribe to play barbies with me (he was allowed to blow up my barbie house at the end). We would look for pet toads in the back yard and build forts out of old fence posts. He was, despite my attempts to frame him a few times, my partner in crime. The older he got, the closer we got. He became the one I could tell my secrets to (you know, the ones you don't want mom and dad to find out) and the one I would look forward to hanging out with on the weekends. I always thought, the girl he chooses will be a lucky one. And after meeting Christiana, I would say Chad, your a lucky one. 

I wasn't surprised when Chad called me up to tell me he was going to propose. The excitement in his voice was unmistakable. He had planned EVERYTHING and he shared his plans in detail. I was so excited for him, for them. I couldn't think of two people that deserved each other more. They both posses souls that are filled with compassion and hearts that never stop giving. Chad is still that boy with wide eyes that isn't afraid to keep dreaming and Christiana is the girl that will never stop believing he can do it. 

Their beautiful Wyoming wedding was on June 20, 2015. They promised each other a lifetime. I got to watch the majority of the day from behind my camera, capturing the jitters and the excitement, the tears and the laughter. I was able to collaborate the day with a good friend and fellow photographer, Amanda Goodin, which allowed me to spend extra time photographing my brother and seeing his adoration for her in a way I had never gotten to witness before. 

(Photos taken and edited by Amanda Goodin Photography are credited on image)

Chad and Christiana, thank you for sharing a genuine love in front of my camera but also when nobody is looking. You two are an example for so many and I couldn't be more proud to call you my family. 

Love you both!