John + Jessie / L.A. Engagement

This engagement shoot is going to be one for the books! Between the excitement of being in L.A. and having the opportunity to explore a beautiful museum with breathtaking views of the city while photographing an engagement session for two amazing human beings that were, with out a doubt, made for each other, this session is going down as a favorite. For those of you who don't know, this fella is my cousin... and this lady couldn't be a better fit for him and for our large, ...unique family. Almost exactly a year ago, I had this great idea to do a fashion shoot in an old downtown building John was remodeling. Thankfully, at the time, they had not started the remodeling process and the building looked pretty rough and run down. I wasn't even sure there was going to be electricity in the buildings yet. But I had an idea in my head and, thank goodness, John went along with it. Luckily, the power was turned on the week before the shoot and, being an obnoxious cousin, I had him meet me at the building a few different times to scope out the locations and test outlets for lighting. At this point, I'm already thinking I owe him pretty big, but then the day of the shoot came and I had my little team of models and stylists along and John met us bright and early downtown to unlock the doors... and carry in two car loads of equipment... and then move the equipment over the course of 5 hours up and down 3 flights of stairs... and then hold reflectors and fog machines... and the list goes on. So, yeah... for the average guy that day probably wasn't very thrilling but I was over the moon! And that's pretty much the kind of guy John is. He stayed to be the muscles I failed to bring, (at least acted like) he was into what I was doing and my vision and passion for the shoot, and stayed without me even asking until the last thing was loaded into the car. Jessie, don't let him fool you... he's a good one. John and Jessie, thank you for making my first trip to The Getty an exciting one. I loved every minute with you and your happy smiles, and am so excited to share a little bit of it with the world.