Kevin + Julia // Married

It's Monday! Ok, Ok nobody ever really gets excited about Mondays but Im trying to send positive vibes over here. And I'm pretty excited to be sharing this wedding, so for once lets make a Monday not so... monday-ish 

Kevin & Julia got married at the beautiful Quarry Golf Club in Canton, Ohio on the most gorgeous of days. It was gorgeous for the weather (anyone who lives in or is familiar with Ohio weather, we don't get to say that to often), gorgeous for the stunning details, and most of all, it was gorgeous for all the authentic emotions. From pure joy to the sweetest tears, the day was packed with love and laughter. I love a couple that can just be where they are. They don't get caught up in all the hype and stress of a wedding day but soak up every minute of their day. 

Aside from such a beautiful wedding, I fell in love with the hearts of Kevin + Julia and their families. Several times through- out the night, and after, I was told how much they appreciated me and the job I was doing. I can't express how much life- giving it is to receive a thank you in the middle of a day that is all about them. And I think that says a whole lot about who they are... Who all of my couples are. I don't know how, but I always end up with the best couples out there! 

Kevin & Julia I can't express enough how much I loved being part of your day! I wish the best of luck to you as you prepare to move and start this new journey in your life together!

SO much love!