Logan | One Year

"Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become."

To this little Wenger Warrior,

I am the luckiest to have you in my life, and being your aunt brings me so much joy. Who would have known someone so little could have such an impact and bring so much happiness. I almost want to cry every time I see my brother, Mr. tough guy, melt over you. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there will be times where he has to be tough on you but in those times just remember your aunt telling you she has never seen her brother love someone so hard.

I wish I could sheild you from all the negative things that are in this world. I wish I could protect you from heartbreak or loneliness or the things that are just bigger than you. Maybe I can't protect you from everything, but I can promise you this. I will always be there with arms open whenever you need someone in your corner. I will always be your biggest fan. I promise to give you all the junk food and take you on all the adventures. But mostly I promise to love you no matter what, because thats what aunties are for.