Mike + Susie // Engaged


I'm just going to come right out and say it: I adore these two. 

Mike + Susie are two of the most warm people I have ever met. Their calm demeanor and comfort with one another made for a super relaxed session that was accompanied by the most amazing golden light. That golden hour, its magic I tell you! At Susie and Mike's request, we did our session at Edgewater Park and although I had been there before, I had never actually been there in the summer. I know that's crazy considering it's a beach, but let me tell you, its something to see in the winter when the lake is frozen and the rocks have fresh fallen snow on them.

It's always exciting to shoot at a new location. It's so easy to always do the same things at the same locations and be ok with it, but when you shoot in a place you are not 100% familiar with, you are forced to dig a little deeper and let your imagination go wild with possibilities again. That is when I find true satisfaction in my work, when I am forced to be uncomfortable. The beach was covered in people, so it really wasn't an option to use... unless you wanted half naked people gracing the background of every one of your images- I figured it was safe to say, they did not. I was determined the beach wasn't where the magic was at anyways. If you walk away from the beach area, the shore is covered with piles of huge rocks filled with textures and shades of rich grays. The walkways were overgrown with lush, wild greenery, and the water was breath taking as the sun danced across its surface. Every way I looked I was offered a beautiful photographic opportunity- but the highlight of it all was the interaction of the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. 

Nothing beats natural chemistry. Not even golden light.