Motherhood // Andrea, Liam + Judah

“To describe my mother would be to write about
a hurricane in its perfect power.
Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.”
-Maya Angelou

In the past when I have photographed young children, I have always felt as though something was missing. The child was adorable in all the ways children are. Their wide eyes show us the eagerness in which they look at the world and their laughter shows us the carefree joy that us "grown- ups" strive to find, but an important element was never there. It took me the longest time to figure out what I was looking for in the photographs that never quite revealed itself. Photo sessions with children are always a bit of a rodeo. They usually consist of mom running around wrangling the kids into position and then running around behind the photographer to get them to laugh. But why? Why do we as photographers wait for mom to get out of the photograph to snap the picture? Why have I always missed that certain beauty that washes over mothers when they are with their babies? Instead we wait for that perfect shot. That perfect shot that never really happened. The shot that brings forth an emotion that isn't entirely true anyways. Why don't we click the button at the not so perfect moments? Its in the scattered chaos that we find the most genuine, raw emotions. That is what I want to capture. That is what this session is all about. 

Its time to strip away all the props and what we have been told about "how to compose the perfect picture". Its time to release all the dos and don'ts of posing we have hung onto through way to many sessions. Its time to start capturing the masterpiece created between a mother and her children (or fathers for that matter). Its about mom taking the time to read to her baby, answering every single "why" question he asks. Its about the moment she tickles her babies feet and they both throw their heads back in laughter. Its about all those tiny moments that speak truth and depth and all the beauty we witness when we see a little boy, with wide eyes and an open heart, take moms hand in excitement to show her what he just discovered.

I hope that when you look at these photos you don't just see something thats pretty but you feel the beauty that radiates out of each one of these beautiful humans. That you can hear the laughter and feel their bliss.