This Season Matches My Soul...

"I can feel autumn in the air tonight, and for once, in a long while, my lungs don't feel so heavy.
The trees are turning color, and I am turning pages. A new chapter begins for me.
I can't help but feel better when the wind is cooler, when the sky is grayer.
This season matches my soul. All rusted, where the old washes away in the rain.
A place where dead looks so pretty, where it is ok to fall away from what keeps you elevated.
I breathe better, the air isn't thick around me, suffocating the soul that lives in this body.
Gloomy never looked so beautiful, and I secretly hope, someone will look past the dead pieces
of who I once was. The remnants I carry in my pockets, and on my smile.
I hope they can see the beauty I offer, despite the dying soul I may have."

As Autumn has more than approached us, I thought it was time to finally share a Fall Fashion series I have been working on. Between the cozy fashions we all begin bundling up in and the fire red trees and the golden yellow sun that warms you in just the perfect way, I have always looked forward to Autumn. However, just as fast as it comes, it leaves. It says its time for the next thing. It closes it's chapter and it whispers it's time to move on but it will be beautiful again. And every year the promise is true. It is beautiful again.  I love that promise. It reminds me that when life feels like it is getting ugly, when life feels like everything beautiful is falling to the ground, there is a promise that is will be beautiful again. Just like Autumn, if we didn't have all the seasons in our life we wouldn't ever get to see the promise of something beautiful again. It is the other seasons that make us and form us to get to the beautiful fire red leaves again.